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Coastal Custom Canines has developed a totally "new" concept in dog training and for that matter dog ownership period. It has long been our belief that many people would like a one stop shop for their dog needs.

Our concept is pretty simple. Find a place big enough to offer every dog sport in which people want to participate and offer it. The 40 acre farm we purchased in 2004 in West Point, Virginia fit the bill. Located 46 miles from a boarding kennel we own in Newport News, Va.. It was perfect. The farm is west of Newport News about 20 miles from Williamsburg and 30 miles from Richmond, Va.

We will offer every dog sport ever imagined. We currently offer schutzhund, a German dog sport. Agility, obedience, lure coursing, sheep herding, earthdog, field trials, weight pulls, carting, French ring, mondio ring, rally, tracking, search and rescue and dock diving are all in the planning stages.

We plan to build a training facility for training and seminars. Further, 48 cabins will be built in the 8 acres of woods located on the back part of the property. Thus, when you come to our property for a show or seminar you can stay right on the property.

We are currently training German Shepherd Dogs and Dutch Shepherds and are planning breeding programs, as well.

Boarding and doggie daycare will also be offered so that people coming to the property have a safe place to leave their dog should they want to visit the many tourist attractions in this area.

If you have any interest in hearing more about us or want to participate in any dog sport, please contact us via E Mail. We truly would Love to talk with you.


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