Welcome to Coastal Custom Canines

Rick Tvelia -

Ricbog 5k has been training dogs for more than 30 years. He began in 1975 by teaching puppy, basic, and advanced classes for a local dog training club. He also served as the training director for that club.

Rick started Coastal Dog Services, Inc. in 1986 when several Peninsula veterinarians asked him to teach at their facilities. As his classes expanded, he opened his own facility in mid-town Newport News. He teaches as many as 14 classes per week, in addition to providing private lessons and individual training.

Rick has shown his own dogs in obedience and agility competition, and has obtained several advanced obedience titles. He has also titled two dogs in the sport of Schutzhund. Two of his dogs have received tracking titles.


Darla Hornberger - bog 5

Darla  Hornberger, has been training dogs, as a hobby, since 2001, when she obtained her Spanish Water Dog, Mateo. In 2003 she received Mateo’s Canine Good Citizenship and Therapy Dog Certification through, Therapy Dog International, (TDI). She went on to visit nursing homes  with Mateo and became well know and liked at The Newport, a nursing home in Newport News, Va.

In 2008 she began an apprenticeship program at Coastal Custom Canines when she began working with Rick. She has been reading and studying about dogs and has had hands on experience training several dogs for their owners, here at Coastal. Further, she has been helping train our first Service Dog, Carbon. Carbon is being trained to assist a local child with Down Syndrom and Autism. Her enjoyment of dog training and her positive attitude have made her a real asset to this organization.  


Brett Stoddard -

Brett has been training dogs more than 15 years. He began with a Siberan Husky named "Tubby". Brett has titled numerous dogs in Agility and has numerour advanced Agility titles.

Brett also occasionally teaches basic obedience classes as well as individualized training.


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